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“In this absorbing, deeply emotional novel about family secrets, Lorrie Thomson shows us how love can sometimes feel like an obsession, how insults can slice beneath your skin and how impossible it is to keep your children safe from heartbreak. It’s a breathless roller coaster of a book in the best sense. Page by lyric page, Thomson’s characters unveil their darkest truths, demonstrating that having the courage to open our hearts to love is the true measure of happiness.”
Holly Robinson, author of BEACH PLUM ISLAND and HAVEN LAKE

“Thomson’s ‘A Measure of Happiness’ is about many things – finding home, facing fears, and making choices among them. But more than anything, it’s the book you’ll reach for when you want to recall that perfect love can still be found in an imperfect world.”

“Don’t let the bakery setting fool you; this is no cozy mystery. The issues raised are gritty…Despite the grit, the book is sensual and sexy, full of aromas, flavors and flirtation.”
Suzanne DeWitt Hall, Merrimack Valley Magazine

“The author does a great job of melding the past with the present. Each character is flawed in his or her own way, but the beauty of this novel lies in each character confronting and embracing those flaws. This novel directly tackles the themes of forgiveness, confrontation and transformation. The dialogue was engaging.” B. Nakia Garner, RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“Ultimately A Measure of Happiness is a book about guilt, secrets, family and love…This was the second book by Lorrie Thomson for me and I can say that she knows how to write about family drama. I enjoyed every minute of it. I do have a little warning for anyone planning on picking up this book. Eat before you start it because with all of the bakery talk you will most definitely get hungry!”
– Kristine, Twin Spin

“I love all of the great characters who make up this small part of the Hidden Harbor community. They are all a bit flawed, but then who isn’t? It’s learning to get past those flaws and accept themselves and each other for what they are that will bring them true happiness. A Measure of Happiness is a wonderful story about relationships, love, acceptance, honesty, and forgiveness. This is exactly the kind of story that I love to get lost in.”
– Susan Schleichner, The Book Bag

“A story equally heartwarming and emotional, A Measure of Happiness is what amazing stories are made of.  It’s a story about life choices, family, facing your fears and searching for things missing in one’s life…Full of relatable characters, a storyline so powerful that it will grab hold of you from the first page, and so much emotion that it oozes off the pages, A Measure of Happiness is a must read for all.”
– Marlene Engel, Book Mama Blog

“As with each of the books by Lorrie Thomson, A Measure of Happiness took my breath away and wrenched at my heart strings…I can’t get the characters out of my head and I feel like they are real…The journey through the story always feels like a learning experience for me — I learn something about people and myself with each book. I will happily read anything that Lorrie Thomson writes and indulge myself by savoring every page.”
– Landi, The Book Geek

“I was completely charmed by Lorrie Thomson’s latest novel, A Measure of Happiness…This fast paced and genuinely warm and loving story features a cast of quirky and interesting characters, a delicious setting of a beloved bakery, and three separate but related tales that intertwine with each other and leads to a hard-won but satisfying ending. Lorrie Thomson’s storytelling skills are on point with her third novel and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future – this is an author to watch for!”
– Sharon Galligar Chance, Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews

“There is so much about this story that was just wonderful…Peace is made, questions answered and secrets revealed. This is a wonderful story about love, forgiveness and strength. I look forward to more from this author.”
– Sara, Harlequin Junkie

“At the heart of the story is Katherine and Celeste’s relationship with each other…Be prepared for heart-to-heart moments which require tissues (and possibly cake)…as they open up to each other, which lets them prepare for a new, much happier future.
-Nayu, Nayu’s Reading Corner, 10E/10E