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What's Left Behind Reviews

“Thomson’s second release is empowering and inspiring in that it shows how it’s possible for a parent to move on after losing a child…readers will appreciate its hopeful outcome.”

“WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND is a beautifully written tale of love, loss, and healing. Lorrie Thomson takes us deep into the heart of a grieving mother and, as if guiding us through a labyrinth, reveals a story rich in hope. Along the way, dark secrets are revealed and strong women make difficult choices that will fuel lively book club discussion! I highly recommend this wonderful novel.”
Barbara Claypole White, award-winning author of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR

“Thomson has penned a phenomenal testament of motherhood at its rawest, most beautiful core. I laughed and cried and journeyed with Abby and Tessa, and couldn’t stop once I started. WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND is a tale of love, sacrifice, and family that stayed with me long after the last page was turned.”
-Sharla Lovelace, Award winning author of THE REASON IS YOU and JUST ONE DAY.

Still reeling from the sudden death of her son, Luke, innkeeper Abby Stone meets Rob, and then Tessa, two people who make Abby examine her life and her future. Abby also grapples with the lure of her first love, Charlie, and the lore surrounding a father she’s never known. WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND is an emotionally satisfying blend of heartache, hope, and happiness.”
Amy Sue Nathan, author of THE GLASS WIVES

“…this book definitely moved me…takes you through all the different emotions but leaves you with a happy ending!”
-A Bookish Affair

“WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND is definitely high on my suggested books list… Thomson is able to write such emotionally stirring, character- and relationship-driven books. I will be recommending it to everyone. If you like an emotionally satisfying novel about people and their relationships, healing and personal growth, then you should love WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND by Lorrie Thomson.”
-A Book Geek