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A Measure of Happiness – More Launch Party

I’m nursing a cake-and-muffin hangover from yesterday’s The Toadstool Bookshop, Milford Launch Party for ‪#‎AMeasureofHappiness‬! The solution? Hair of the dog, baby.

Photos: Book cover cake; me with cake artist Carole of Carole’s Cake Creations, the cake, and Celeste’s Wild Blues. FYI, you’ll find the blueberry muffin recipe at the back of A Measure of Happiness, along with a recipe for Katherine’s Zesty Lemon Bars. Also of interest, yesterday’s batch of Celeste’s Wild Blues were baked by Shannon Duncanson at Bookside Cafe at Toadstool Bookshop.


A Measure of Happiness - Launch Party

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to cheer me on at The Toadstool Bookshop, Milford Launch Party for A Measure of Happiness! The venue, the treats, the books. So many memorable moments! But THE PEOPLE made the event!

Photos: A line of beautiful readers; before the festivities with dear friend Liz Butler; back at home after festivities with best friends from college Cheryl Aldrich and Ilene MacDonald–and my mischievous husband, Bill; signing a pile of books.


A Measure of Happiness – Bookmarks

When the bookmarks arrive for your upcoming release–A Measure of Happiness, 8/25/15–it’s perfectly normal to have a photo shoot with the newbies and their bookmark siblings. Right?

Top to Bottom: box full of A Measure of Happiness; A Measure of Happiness front and back; Equilibrium, A Measure of Happiness, What’s Left Behind.


What’s Left Behind — Turkish

I’m delighted to announce that Turkish rights have sold for WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND (Kensington Books, 2014), for Turkish release in 2016.

Anyone speak/read Turkish? I can’t wait to see the new cover!

A Measure of Happiness - ARCs

Oh happy day, and happy dance. The ARCs (advance release copies) for A MEASURE OF HAPPINESS have arrived!

When the doorbell rang and the FedEx truck drove away, did I rush out the front door to retrieve them? Nope. I peeked out the window, made visual contact with the box from Kensington, and opened the door slowly. Then I brought the box inside and stared at it for a few minutes, delaying the inevitable joy.

Do you tear open gift wrapped presents? Pull up the Scotch tape tabs to keep the suspense going? How do you stretch out your happiest moments?


Newburyport Literary Festival

I’m back from the Newburyport Literary Festival, happy-exhausted from presenting the Raw, Risky Business of Writing Fiction with two amazingly talented authors Holly Robinson and Kristin Bair O’Keeffe. I met so many authors, writers, and readers–thousands of book enthusiasts crowded the streets and mobbed the venues.

Here are the two best pics that the hubby took. One pic of the trio, and one of me reading from What’s Left Behind, and attempting to rock the reading glasses.



A Measure of Happiness - Proofs

You know when you read a novel for the third time, and you still love it like crazy? This is my way of saying the proofs for A MEASURE OF HAPPINESS are on my desk.

In a MEASURE OF HAPPINESS, small-town bakery owner Katherine Lamontagne has spent twenty-four years dishing out cakes and comfort and keeping the secret of the son she gave away to herself, until her son comes looking for her, making her reconsider her past and challenging the meaning of family.

The story takes place in Hidden Harbor, Maine, the same fictional town where I set WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND. Although not a prequel per se, the story unfolds in 1999, and contains connected characters Abby, Charlie, and Luke. Most prominently, I take you into the heart and mind of Abby’s best friend, Celeste Barnes.

A MEASURE OF HAPPINESS releases from Kensington Books on August 25 and is available for pre-order now.


People Are Talking

Have you ever had one of those “flow” days? I was surprised and delighted to find a lovely chat recommending EQUILIBRIUM at Friday Fiction Friend Book Blog and my fun & revealing Cozy Reading Corner post over at the BookEnds Literary Agency Blog. There I reveal my fave reading spots, my husband’s fave reading spots, and some insider information about my inspiration for WHAT’S LEFT BEHIND.

Please join the conversations!

A Measure of Happiness - Cover Flats

Do you still get excited about the mail? I do! Especially when  an occasional surprise package from Kensington Books lands on my doorstep. Or, in this case, drops onto the floor of the mudroom when I open the back door. Cover flats for A Measure of Happiness! Upcoming 8/25/15 and Available for Pre-Order Now.


Equilibrium - Audio Book

I’m delighted to announce EQUILIBRIUM is now available as on Audible audio book, narrated by Tony-award nominated Christiane Noll! I had the pleasure of meeting Christiane recently when she played Mrs. Banks in the Portsmouth (NH) Music Hall’s production of Mary Poppins. Perfect in every way!

Equilibrium Audio Book at Amazon

Equilibrium at Audible

Learn more about Christiane Noll.